Siorom CO2-neutral

We are really proud to announce that Siorom, our Romanian manufacturing plant, has obtained the CO2-Neutral® label. This means that the European production of your Sioen PPC, SIP Protection, Sioen Firefighter Clothing, Mullion, Sioen Ballistics and Baleno garments will happen in a CO2-neutral environment.

We are aware that CO2 emissions and global warming are topics that are on your mind when you consider buying new PPE. We feel that it’s our duty to take care of society and the environment. This also involves reducing our CO2 emissions and helping to achieve SDG 13 ‘take urgent matter to combat climate change and its impacts’.

Siorom’s CO2-neutral® label

An external auditor, CO2logic, has calculated the corporate carbon footprint related to our Siorom activities. Thanks to their research, we received an overview of our daily operations and energy expenses at Siorom. In addition, they identified the strengths and possible improvement areas and they identified KPIs.

We then calculated Siorom’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), which was verified by CO2logic. We reduced the plant’s carbon emission as much as possible, and to become fully CO2-neutral, we counterbalanced the remaining CO2 emission by offsetting it.

The CO2-neutral® label our Siorom plant received ‘guarantees that labelled organisations are actively calculating, reducing and compensating their local and global climate impact’. It is based on the PAS2060 standard.

Forest conservation in Guatemala

Let’s start by making clear what offsetting is. When a company in itself isn’t CO2-neutral yet, it has the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions by supporting certified climate projects.

We chose to support a forestry climate project in Sierra de Lacandon, Guatemala. The project’s main goals are forest conservation and indigenous communities support.

In short, we help conserve 35 000 000 trees, protect 16 000 hectares and avoid 50 000 tonnes of CO2.

For more information about this project, have a look at ourCSR website.