Stedin Garments

Stedin, a Dutch Distribution System Operator, has been wearing Sioen’s Personal Protective Clothing since 2016. Around 2600 people at Stedin are currently using two Sioen garments that have been adapted to Stedin’s design and usage requirements.

As soon as Stedin’s previous contract had ended, negotiations started with several companies. We promoted both our Nash jacket and Playford softshell. In addition, we also presented our new Multinorm Workwear package.

The Nash and Playford, a golden combination

Tests were conducted with the Nash jacket and the Playford softshell. The softshell was quite special, because, at the time, Sioen was the only manufacturer having a Multinorm softshell that was ready to supply immediately. In the end, Stedin opted for a combination of both jackets.

The Nash and Playford go hand-in-hand. The Playford is a very breathable and comfortable light softshell that protects you from the cold, while the Nash can be worn on top of it in foul weather conditions or when it’s too cold to wear a softshell only.

Thanks to the exquisite requirements of these bestseller jackets, Sioen was selected to deliver more than 3900 Nash jackets and more than 6400 Playford softshells.

Hi-vis softshell with ARC protection

Both our clients and sales people agree on our Playford being one of the best of our multi-norm range and on the market. Stedin employees have stated that this softshell allows them great freedom of movement for all work-related activities. The original Playford softshell is available in hi-vis yellow/navy. The navy, however, was changed to Stedin grey in the personalised design. This also happened for the jacket.

Next to its wind and cold protection, the Playford softshell also provides chemical, electric arc, antistatic, high visibility and welders protection. On top of that, both the fabric itself as well as the reflective tape are flame retardant.

Contrary to the original Playford, the special Stedin design has no loop for a gas detector, as this was replaced by a radio loop.

Hi-vis rain jacket with ARC protection

The reliable Nash jacket, made of our Sio-Safe™ Aqua fabric, offers a very good protection against harsh weather conditions and the industrial dangers the Playford also protects you from, such as chemical, electric arc, antistatic, high visibility and wind and cold protection. The clear addition here, is that the Nash is water and dirt repellent. It is really easy that the Playford can be zipped in, using the I.L.S. system.