Sioen Multi-norm workwear for Quarzwerke

Sioen has delivered around 5 000 Multi-norm workwear items to Quarzwerke, a Germany-based large producer of mineral raw materials, including quartz, kaolin, feldspar, wollastonite and mica. They extract, process and refine the minerals. The Sioen workwear was ordered for Quarzwerke’s twelve German production plants.

Road to Multi-norm workwear

Until 2018, Quarzwerke’s employees wore workwear that did not meet any safety standards. An internal safety analysis, however, showed that they do need garments that comply with several safety standards, as the mining sector evidently needs protection. Carl Nolte Technik, a German Sioen Dealer that is specialised in PPE for companies recommended Sioen, because we can offer four layers of Multi-norm clothing, including rainwear, t-shirts, etc. That way, Quarzwerke would only need one supplier for all required garments.

A productive collaboration

Sioen and several other companies were invited to present interesting protective clothing to the people responsible at Quarzwerke. For this project, Sioen collaborated with Carl Nolte Technik and Bielheimerbeek. Nolte offered its logistic capabilities, while Bielheimerbeek is our partner for cleaning the workwear. We pride ourselves on offering custom-made advice before contracting, on collaborating with the adequate partners and on offering a qualitative follow-up.

Multi-norm for everyone

An internal risk analysis at Quarzwerke showed that their workers perform different tasks in different workplaces. In some of those activities, the workers are exposed to risks for which protective multinorm clothing is necessary. Because of these changing activities by the workers, Quarzwerke chose to protect them all with Sioen Multinorm workwear. 

Products Sioen PPC proposed

No large company will ever order workwear items without testing them, which is why Quarzwerke tested our products on the field. They opted for garments from our catalogue without any adaptations.

From our ARC Workwear range, the Millau, Royan and Bayonne were selected.

  • Millau Hi-vis jacket with ARC protection
  • Royan Hi-vis trousers with ARC protection
  • Bayonne Hi-vis bib & brace with ARC protection

For Quarzwerke’s employees who work near railways, they need orange protective clothing, as the orange colour is mandatory by law.

  • Larrau Hi-vis jacket with ARC protection
  • Arudy Hi-vis trousers with ARC protection
  • Viana Hi-vis bib & brace with ARC protection

On sunny days, a shirt might be just enough. The orange Lerby can be used near railways, while the Colne is only available in yellow.

  • Lerby Hi-vis polo shirt with Arc protection (orange)
  • Colne Hi-vis shirt with ARC protection (yellow)

Further, our extremely popular softshell, the Playford, complies with 9 different standards and is both very breathable and comfortable. It protects you from the cold and light rain.

  • Playford Hi-vis softshell with ARC protection

Next to the Playford, we also presented our Hedland rain jacket, which is available in yellow, orange and red combined with navy blue.

  • Hedland Flame retardant, anti-static hi-vis rain jacket

Quarzwerke workwear in numbers

About 5 000 items were ordered. Quarzwerke opted for garments with ARC protection for most of its employees. They ordered around 2 300 Millau jackets, 1 500 Royan trousers and 1 000 pieces of the Bayonne bib & brace. The other 200 items are a collection of the other Sioen garments we presented.