Rally Monte Carlo

The Rallye Automobile de Monte Carlo is a prestigious race, organised every year in Monaco by Automobile club de Monaco. It’s one of the oldest and most famous races in the world with numerous visitors every edition. Sioen designed specific rain wear and thermal wear for the organisers and crew of the rally.

Sioen protective clothing

A few years ago, we were in contact with the Automobile club de Monaco for the first time as they felt a need for new garments for their team. More specifically, they were looking for comfortable warm clothes that could protect all Marshals and organisers against any weather condition. The rally takes place every year around January, so they have to face rain, cold and sometimes even snow.

However, it is not only about protection against weather conditions, as visibility is also important. During the rally, a lot of people are involved to make sure everything goes well. Safe working conditions are always important. It is not different in this case, where the Marshals and organisers operate very closely to the race cars and even in the dark. That means that they have to be visible for the drivers at any time.

After sitting together with the client to define their specific needs, we chose to design suitable customised jackets in five different colours. At the rally there are a lot of people with different functions. With the five different colours of vests they are easy recogniseable and they don’t lose track of their Marshal.

The doctors, for example, wore the orange high visibility jacket and the public security agents had a yellow high visibility jacket. The jackets in regular colours (blue, red and black) with reflective tapes were chosen for the different types of service functions. In that way, everyone was immediately recognisable.

Modern design

With our many years of expertise in professional protective clothing, we could offer them different options of garments with reflective tapes and hi vis colours to comply with their needs.

The change from regular clothing to PPE was quite a big step for the Automobile club, but the modern design based on our S.E.P.P collection could convince them to go for it. These comfortable jackets have the unique Sioen I.L.S. system, which means multiple linings (such as fleeces, softshells, …) can be easily zipped into the jackets.

For this new project we specifically worked on a rain parka and softshell jacket, each time in the five different colours (black, blue, red, hi-vis yellow and hi-vis orange). Via our distributor EPI SUD we delivered 1300 pieces in total to protect all the Marshals and organisers at the Rallye Automobile de Monte Carlo.