Firefighting clothing Brabant-Zuidoost

The new firefighter's clothing for the Brabant-Zuidoost Safety Region (VRBZO) in the Netherlands is equipped with the latest technologies, to optimally protect firefighters in all circumstances. The fabric used is strong and durable, while the bright color of the material has the added advantage that soot and dirt are clearly visible. This makes it easier to estimate when the suit is ready to be cleaned in comparison with the black suits that are currently in use. A clean suit is important for hygienic and safe working.

Listening to people

The VRBZO public tender was very strict, with extensive attention to the functional requirements and safety of the firefighters, and our suit meets these wishes. The suit offers extra cushioning around the shoulders, so that pressure from breathing apparatus is equally distributed. In addition, the knee protection is firmer and the reflective striping can now also 'breathe' because it is perforated.

Working together for more safety

The Brabant-Zuidoost Safety Region organized a major test day, during which three different suits were subjected to extensive practical tests. In the end, the suit of supplier Sioen Industries was chosen. The suit also received the highest rating from the majority of the test persons.
This high score could only be achieved by listening to people who fight against fire on a daily basis. They provide us with exact input so we can develop a suit that fully meets their needs. It is commitment, expertise and reliability translated into daily practice. For us, risk management is of great importance and we keep checks on what is happening on the ground. For us, all fire brigade employees are risk-oriented advisers.

Clean working

The black suit with yellow accents makes way for the regional look in sand yellow with red accents. With these yellow suits and red helmet, the recognizability of the 36 stations of the Brabant Zuidoost Safety Region (VRBZO) has become much larger. In addition, the cleaning protocol changes with the new suits. This protocol stipulates that after an intervention in which the firefighting clothing has been in contact with environmentally harmful substances, the suits must be cleaned. The safety of the fire brigade is paramount.

We consider it perfectly normal that the men and women who stand ready for everyone's protection 24/7 are optimally protected themselves.