Sioen provides Engie Services Nederland with new clothing

At the beginning of 2017, Sioen provided 4,000 employees of technical service provider Engie Services Nederland-Zuid with a fresh look. The multifunctional parka and softshell jackets for the operational staff were an immediate sensation. At the Dutch head office, they were so impressed that the jackets became the standard for the entire country.

Arjan van Geel, Manager Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) at Engie Services knows that Sioen stands for quality. "I've known Sioen from my early days about 25 years ago," Arjan recalls. "At that time we still worked with traditional raincoats. Now we are talking about parka and softshell jackets, multifunctional clothing. Last year, we contacted Sioen to produce one of their existing products in the company colors of Engie Services."

Dress to impress

The original idea was to just restyle the South department of the company. However, the design and quality of the jacket were so good that also the Dutch head office became enthusiastic.

"For our own employees we were quite willing to do a bit more and the jackets became the standard for all Dutch departments of Engie Services," says Arjan van Geel. "A new house style, so to say. We quickly went from 1,500 to 4,000 employees wearing the jackets on a daily basis."

Safety first

The multifunctional parka and softshell jackets stand for comfort, functionality and safety. They protect employees against all weather conditions, electric arc and chemicals. In addition, they are also fireproof.

"It is clear that the Sioen jackets have increased safety at Engie Services," confirms Arjan van Geel. "This is of course due to the quality of the product. In addition, employees really like to wear their jackets. Especially the softshell is popular in the work place. A very lightweight product, ideal for the intermediate seasons."

A win-win situation

Both parties know each other well and that ensures a fruitful collaboration. For example, the open communication with Sioen is much appreciated at Engie Services. "They are always open to suggestions and improvements. We then talk about zippers, the size of the bags, and so on. At Sioen they have no problem with tailoring one of their standard products to the wishes of their customer. "