Dutch police and secret agents

The Dutch police are always well recognizable. From the operational uniform and the clothing of reception staff to the stripes on surveillance cars and gable signs to police stations. The external characteristics of the police are recorded in their own house style. Blue is their corporate colour. Since June 2014, the street scene in The Netherlands has changed: police officers on the street are now wearing a state-of-the art, futuristic operational uniform made by Sioen. Today, we also provide the secret agents of the Dutch police force. They will be wearing our concealed ballistics vest 1BO8.

The police uniform

The operational uniform of the Dutch police is strikingly modern, is very comfortable and can take a beating. In short, it fits the requirements that are set to the police work of today. Because the design was so revolutionary, there was some reservation at first. Today, every single police officer and the people in the street are unanimously positive. Some of the Dutch police garments are: a sporty and modern polo shirt, trousers, a safety vest with 2 covers (black and high-vis) and a black armour overt (to wear over the garments) for high risk situations.

Concealable ballistics vest

As from 2019, the secret agents of the Dutch Police force, will be wearing our 1BO8 concealable ballistic vest in undercover operations.

Undercover work is one of the most stressful jobs a special agent can undertake. Secret and undercover agents must avoid detection by the entity they are observing. In their undercover operations, they are always exposed to potentially life-threatening situations. Undercover agents and secret services wear plainclothes typically worn by their peers to avoid detection or identification as a law enforcement officer. It is vital that the protection they are wearing stays invisible.

Invisibility, protection and comfort

The 1BO8 ballistic covert vest has been specially designed with the aim of being as unobtrusive as possibly can. The design- with a more optimized shorter shape of the front panel and the widening of the elastic shoulder straps-, and the smart use of fabrics guarantee a perfect body fit, making the ballistics vest virtually invisible.

The ballistics protection is made of a high qualitative ballistic para-aramid yarn, that is both very thin and lightweight at the same time. We’ve developed of a very specific shape for this Dutch Police concealable ballistics vest and for the flexible protection panels. These panels protect the vital organs of the body.

This high-end tailor-made concealable vest has been developed to maximise comfort and cooling. The cut of this vest is highly adapted to suit the secret agents who need to be as covert as possible while wearing protective armour. On our dedicated website you’ll find some other examples of ballistics protection.

Technicity by Sioen

The contract with the Dutch police is the result of a public offering. Our innovative vest has won it from solutions of other players in the market. We can bow on more than 110 years of textile tradition, producing both technical textiles as high quality professional protective clothing for any working environment.

We are market leader, active in more than 80 countries, employing over 4500 persons world-wide. We have built up a strong reputation in various parts of the protective apparel world. Technicity is our driver resulting in garments for industry, firefighting, rescue services, police, forestry, marine.

Over the years, we have been specialising in the armour solutions market and acquired market leaders in ballistic protection. Apart from the garments, we also provide military and police with specialty tents, armour for vehicules and shields and camouflage nets.