Condor Safety, a distributor of multiple Sioen brands

Sioen works together with Condor Safety, a distributor of mainly fall protection equipment. They also sell clothing for emergency services, the industry, landscaping but also protective garments for tree care and the greenery sector. What follows is a story of mutual feedback and collaboration.

Sioen products at Condor Safety

Condor Safety is a distributor that is specialised in fall protection. In addition, they sell clothing for emergency services, for the construction industry, and for the green industry.

Initially, the distributor only sold SIP Protection garments, when it comes to Sioen brands. Gradually, as the company grew, they expanded the range. Condor Safety started to collaborate with other industries, which created a demand for additional types of garments.

The demand for garments for emergency services increased. Customers were showing great interest in ambulance clothing and bullet/stab-resistant vests as well as Mullion life jackets.

A successful collaboration

Condor Safety meticulously picks the products they distribute based on the following parameters: safety, comfort and looks. Of course, the products have to be pricewise and the products must be saleable. Additionally, close cooperation and good communication with the manufacturer is of major importance to them.

We can proudly say that our Sioen clothing meets the parameters mentioned above.

Patsy Verplancke, Condor Safety’s managing director: “Sioen clothing excels in important areas, which provides a healthy mix.”

She also praises Sioen’s back office. She describes our salespeople as people who always go the extra mile to make a difference. Condor Safety is an intermediary , which makes it even more important that the manufacturer they work with also proactively thinks to find solutions.

Opportunities and development

This cooperation keeps on creating new opportunities. Condor Safety also supplies clothing to hospitals. Sioen has a big share in this action because we have a stock while other manufacturers only start producing when they receive the order.

In addition, efforts were also made to create a new product with the cooperation of both parties, namely the special between Sioen, Condor Safety and the end users. This collaboration resulted in an extremely comfortable and highly functional ambulance trousers: the Chimay stretch trousers.

In recent years, the demand for stab-resistant clothing has increased in emergency departments. In cooperation with Sioen, a stab proof ambulance vest for emergency services was developed.