Work safe, work Sioen

Whenever health and safety are the topic, Sioen is present! This month, you’ll find us at the WorkSafe Namur fair for health & safety in Belgium (Walloon region).

This 1st edition of WorkSafe in Namur Expo - formerly Secura in Brussels - promises to be a top edition. More than 50 experts in health, (fire) safety and well-being at work with interesting booths, lectures and demos.

As a global producer of premium professional protective clothing for any circumstance, Sioen is fully involved in the prevention and facility management. We closely follow trends and technologies, manage the entire value chain from fabric to garment, empower CSR and operate from a customer centric point of view.

For many years, we’ve been dressing people in their many working conditions, protecting them against all kinds of hazards.

  • We protect all workers in any working condition against rain and cold and harsh weather conditions.
  • Our high-vis range offers strikingly good protection. Improved visibility reduces accident rates considerably. Our hi-vis products will make you jump out of any environment, day and night.
  • The Food and Cold storage range offers reliable insulation and impeccable hygiene. Two very specific industries with very specific requirements.
  • In environments that are subject to multiple risks, you need high-level clothes that protect against all those threats. Whatever the cause, our multi-norm clothes significantly reduce the chances of serious injuries in case of an accident. Sioen can offer you that quality in every layer of your protection.
  • We produce professional protective clothing for chainsaw users, marine safety solutions such as lifejackets, floatation suits and drysuits, stab and bullet protection, …
  • When disaster strikes, Sioen protects the rescue workers. Police, firefighters, private security, ambulance personnel, civil services, care givers and divers, they all find the appropriate garments in the Sioen range.

All of our garments (body wear, thermal wear, workwear and rainwear) are carefully designed for and tested by the wearers in the field. For over 50 years we have been dressing people in their various working conditions. Translated into garments, this means that we have provided them with over 120 million pieces. Produced, worn and approved by specialists for specialists.

  • Visit us in Namur on the WorkSafe fair, stand 1101 On November 29th