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On March 27th and 28th, we will be present at the Worksafe fair in Antwerp. This is the Flemish counter part of the Worksafe fair in Namur which we attended last November. That was the very first edition of the Worksafe fair, an alternative to the former Secura in Brussels. More than 50 experts in health, (fire) safety and well-being at work will showcase their products. As a European market leader in professional protective clothing, we have a booth at the fair, where we will showcase our textile solutions to a public of safety professionals.

Customer centric approach
Our customer always takes central stage; With multidisciplinary teams of experts, we always come up with the right solution, tailored to the customer's needs: garments that protect against a wide variety of risks, such as extreme cold, fire, acids, poor visibility and bullets.

Our manufacturing process is vertically integrated, so we control every step of the way: from spinning and weaving yarns to colouring and coating the fabric to manufacturing the multinorm apparel to testing its protective qualities. Many private companies trust our way of working, but also governments increasingly take advantage of that added value to lift their service level and protect their employees.

Some of our public customers include Belgian postal agency bpost (high-vis raincoats), the French marine corps (lifejackets), the Dutch secret service (ballistic apparel) and fire departments across Dubai and Oman (intervention clothing). With 8 specialist brands, Sioen caters to everyone’s needs.

Unequalled protection for all
We produce garments for people who work in situations where safety, comfort and protection are key. We deliver top quality with a wide range of technical apparel for any working condition. At Worksafe, we will showcase some of the products below:

  1. Protection against rain and cold and harsh weather conditions.
  2. Improved visibility with our high-vis range.
  3. Reliable insulation and impeccable hygiene with our Food and Cold storage range.
  4. High level protection against multiple risks combined in our Multinorm range.
  5. Professional protective clothing for chainsaw users, marine safety solutions such as lifejackets, floatation suits and drysuits, stab and bullet protection, …
  6. Emergency services solutions such as for police, firefighters, private security, ambulance personnel, civil services, care givers and divers, humanitarian aid, red cross, …

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Please visit us at Worksafe in Antwerpen (Belgium) on March 27th and 28th.

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